Montegrappa and Tchaikovsky

Montegrappa pens makes many pens that I covet and others that I find over-the-top and are outside the range of my taste.  While the shape of this particular pen is the same as some of those that I like, this particular design leaves me lukewarm. Tchaikovsky And Montegrappa: An Artistic Duo Montegrappa, the Italy-based pen … Continue reading Montegrappa and Tchaikovsky

Hamilton is Big These Days

I guess it was inevitable.  Montegrappa pens are one of my favored brands although I prefer their pens that are notable for the material versus the gaudier pens. Montegrappa’s Special Edition Honors U.S. Founding Father Alexander Hamilton With public interest piqued by the musical Hamilton, Penporium and Montegrappa create a fitting tribute for the famed … Continue reading Hamilton is Big These Days

A Montegrappa I may Buy

The pen is a classic shape and a fascinating finish.  I wonder how the finish hold up with use. Montegrappa Burns Pens, Creates Blue Blazer Writing Instruments ...Using its Fortuna shaped pen line, Montegrappa Blue Blazer features a pen cap and body made of stainless steel that is actually burnished using a real flame. The … Continue reading A Montegrappa I may Buy

Montegrappa’s Affordable(?) Skull Pens

Looks to me like the copper version is a gussied-up version of their Moscow Mule pen, which isn't necessarily a bad thing! Montegrappa Introduces a Spooky New Scribbler Just in Time for Halloween The Merry Skull collection presents a cheerful take on a normally menacing Halloween motif. ...No stranger to the use of skulls in … Continue reading Montegrappa’s Affordable(?) Skull Pens

And if you’re not a Pirates of the Caribbean fan?

Then you probably won't love this collection. If you are a Pirates of the Caribbean fan, you’ll love this collection of pens and watches What do Pirates of the Caribbean and the art of calligraphy have in common? They both have a Montegrappa pen dedicated to them....