Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

I'm a little puzzled by this article.  What am I missing?  I know that the Ion was released by Cross a number of years ago. A.T. CROSS Unveils New Sheaffer Pens PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A.T. Cross Company is thrilled to introduce a refreshed, new line featuring hip, innovative and colorful tools of … Continue reading Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

Trump’s Pens: (About Pens, not Politics)

I like Cross pens.  They're not generally considered among the top manufacturers of collectible pens, perhaps IIRC, due to their late entry into manufacture of fountain pens.  But to those of us of a certain age a Cross Century pen was considered a prestigious gift before we had ever heard of Montblanc. My collection includes … Continue reading Trump’s Pens: (About Pens, not Politics)

US Iconic Brand Cross in Providence

I'm pleased to own at least one early vintage Cross pencil in addition to some more recent but late model limited editions, and of course the thin ballpoints that were ubiquitous gifts for those of us of a certain age. Cross pen maker seeks revival with flagship store PROVIDENCE, R.I. (AP) — The company that … Continue reading US Iconic Brand Cross in Providence

Cross Star Wars pens

Two articles.  Cross is one of several pen manufacturers with Star Wars themed pens coming to market.  I note that the number 1977 is also the number of the release by Montegrappa, although these are far more affordable, especially the $45 gel pens. The first article appeared in the Providence, RI Business Journal where Cross … Continue reading Cross Star Wars pens