Can you improve your handwriting?

This guy did.  The article also speaks about teaching of cursive to being out of style. Opinion: What has happened to my handwriting? ...I decided to re-visit my handwriting skills and go back to fundamentals. I sheepishly picked up a cursive practice book in the kids section of a local bookstore. I lied and told … Continue reading Can you improve your handwriting?

Is teaching handwriting making a comeback?

Observing one of my sons holding a pen prompted me to ask, and it was only then that I found out that teaching handwriting, something I had taken for granted, was no longer done in many elementary schools.  Fountain pens are certainly not essential to learning penmanship - they had stopped being used by the … Continue reading Is teaching handwriting making a comeback?

The ballpoint killed cursive? Maybe

Another proponent of fountain pens to teach handwriting, but it was a long enough time between the introduction of the ballpoint and the decline of teaching penmanship in schools to attribute it to the ballpoint.  It seems more likely to me that it was more due to the move to keyboards. How The Ballpoint Pen … Continue reading The ballpoint killed cursive? Maybe