S. T. Dupont 145 Anniversary Collection

I like the Dupont pens I own.  Lately I've been carrying a simple (not limited edition) silver cartridge filler with an incredibly smooth nib, and a cap that tells me how well machined it is every time I replace it on the pen. S. T. Dupont Celebrates 145 Years With New Luxury Collections S. T. … Continue reading S. T. Dupont 145 Anniversary Collection

Columbus Ohio Pen Store Owner Passes

I didn't know Jack but he sounds like, as our friend Terry says, quite a character.  I picked out what I thought were some of the more interesting and relevant (to me at least) lines in the article. Pen store’s quirky owner remembered Jack Price, the longtime owner of Vintage Fountain Pen Sales & Repair, … Continue reading Columbus Ohio Pen Store Owner Passes

Montblancs and Money Laundering

Those two pens are worth more than most decent collections! GM suspends exec charged in FCA-UAW scandal General Motors Co. has suspended a top labor executive charged in a $4.5 million-plus corruption scandal tied to his tenure at rival Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, sources told The Detroit News on Tuesday. Alphons Iacobelli was suspended within … Continue reading Montblancs and Money Laundering

More Fountain Pens in the News: Netanyahu

This article isn't about fountain pens at all.  It's about Netanyahu's conduct, and refers to Ehud Olmert's fountain pen collection.  Interestingly this article cites that collection's value at $1 million, but the collection was apparently appraised by Fountain Pen Hospital for "no more than $70,000." Are We Witnessing the End of Netanyahu's Reign? ...To see … Continue reading More Fountain Pens in the News: Netanyahu

Betzler & Wilson of Akron Ohio

History of a local Akron, Ohio pen manufacturer.  Anyone we know collect these? Local history: Fountain pen manufacturing a forgotten empire of Akron ...Two former B.F. Good­rich workers made fountain pens their signature product when they established an Akron manufacturing company in the late 19th century. Joseph F. Betz­ler and Wesley E. Wilson had labored … Continue reading Betzler & Wilson of Akron Ohio

Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

I'm a little puzzled by this article.  What am I missing?  I know that the Ion was released by Cross a number of years ago. A.T. CROSS Unveils New Sheaffer Pens PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A.T. Cross Company is thrilled to introduce a refreshed, new line featuring hip, innovative and colorful tools of … Continue reading Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?