Benefits of Handwriting

Read the full article for more information. The uncertain future of handwriting Computers and tablets are changing how we write – will the ability and need to wield a pen die out altogether? We're told that writing is dying. Typing on keyboards and screens dominates written communication today. Even scribbling a signature has become rarer … Continue reading Benefits of Handwriting

How’s this for a Story Opening Line?

Of course pens weren't the only illicit booty, and I won't say that I don't care about the others (including a Ferrari), but for the purposes of this blog we'll focus on the pens. Feds seize $350K, second luxury pen in FCA-UAW scandal Detroit — FBI agents have seized $354,000 and rare $35,700 fountain pens … Continue reading How’s this for a Story Opening Line?

Pelikan’s Latest Souverän M800 Size

The Souverän M800 (the Ocean Swirl is technically an 805 since it has silver trim) is one of my favorite pens.  It's size is large yet not cumbersome, and it writes flawlessly.  I love the classic green stripe, but also enjoy the variety that has been available in recent years. The Ocean Swirl Pen From … Continue reading Pelikan’s Latest Souverän M800 Size

On Your Choice of Writing Implement

A very thoughtful essay on choice of writing instruments by a high school student . Ever think about size of pencil lead? Writing is a form of self-expression, and the tool we choose to write with, though seemingly insignificant, is part of our identity. Just like handwriting, word choice and phrasing, the medium in which … Continue reading On Your Choice of Writing Implement

The Classic Montblanc 149

I'm impressed that the Financial Times dedicated an article to a fountain pen. Design classic: Meisterstück 149 fountain pen Distinctively chunky and cigar-like, it is beloved for its gravitas when signing on the dotted line Beloved by heads of state and businesspeople for its gravitas when signing on the dotted line, the Meisterstück 149 (German … Continue reading The Classic Montblanc 149