Montegrappa and Tchaikovsky

Montegrappa pens makes many pens that I covet and others that I find over-the-top and are outside the range of my taste.  While the shape of this particular pen is the same as some of those that I like, this particular design leaves me lukewarm. Tchaikovsky And Montegrappa: An Artistic Duo Montegrappa, the Italy-based pen … Continue reading Montegrappa and Tchaikovsky

Montblanc Honors JFK

Tastefully designed pen.  This is not generally one of their collections I've acquired with the exception of last year's Beatles edition. Happy Birthday, Mr. President: Montblanc Debuts New Pen Honoring John F. Kennedy ...Montblanc is commemorating JFK this year with a Special Edition Burgundy writing instrument collection, which is part of its Great Characters Edition. … Continue reading Montblanc Honors JFK

Collectibles: Pens & Watches

Lots of crossover.  As one who is a collector of pens I do have an inadvertent watch collection of sorts as well.  A number of my pen-collecting friends are more deliberate. Can Writing Instruments Be As Collectible And Enthusiast-Infused As Watches? Thrill of the chase. Intellectual satisfaction. Investment. Brain blip. There are nearly as many … Continue reading Collectibles: Pens & Watches

Another “Best Pens” list

My personal favorites of those they list are the Conway Stewart 100 for a higher price pen, the Pilot Capless in the midrange, and the Kaweco Sport at the lower price range.  Each of those come in a variety of colors and materials that don't impact performance. (I'm not familiar with Monaggio.) The article includes … Continue reading Another “Best Pens” list

Formerly of Visconti, Dante Del Vecchio

I like Del Vecchio's Visconti pens, as evidenced by the number I have in my collection.  While I don't own any Pineider pens (yet), I saw a number of attractive ones at the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow held after this article was published. Dante Del Vecchio, Rock Star Of Pens These days, Del Vecchio … Continue reading Formerly of Visconti, Dante Del Vecchio

“Best Pens” as seen by…

I've never heard of their #6.  The others are all decent buys. The best fountain pens 2018: bring some timeless style to your desk Add some grown-up glamour to your desktop or pencil case with our pick of the best fountain pens and cartridge pens ...The Swiss-made Caran d’Ache Ecridor takes our top spot for … Continue reading “Best Pens” as seen by…