Formerly of Visconti, Dante Del Vecchio

I like Del Vecchio’s Visconti pens, as evidenced by the number I have in my collection.  While I don’t own any Pineider pens (yet), I saw a number of attractive ones at the Washington DC Fountain Pen Supershow held after this article was published.

Dante Del Vecchio, Rock Star Of Pens

These days, Del Vecchio (62), who lives in Florence, is the resident pen expert for Pineider,

  Dante Del Vecchio and some of his recent Pineider pen introductions. Note limited edition Honeycomb, third from right.Dante Del Vecchio

He’s affectionately known as the rock star of pen making among those of us who know and love fine pens. But even if you aren’t a bona fide writing instrument insider, you’ve probably run across Dante Del Vecchio, if not the man, then one of the eighteen patents he’s garnered over his 30-year career. These include inventions for everything from a new-and-improved fountain pen clip to a fountain pen filling system. He also founded the Florence-based Visconti pen company in 1988, taking it to world renown…

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