How do You Evaluate a Fountain Pen?

Aesthetics?  Nib? Something else?  I add additional factors such as mechanics (such as filling system), and story (especially in the case of vintage pens but sometimes for modern pens too.)  Story to me includes historical position or other factors about the company, people or place that I find intriguing.  For example, I have a small … Continue reading How do You Evaluate a Fountain Pen?

Pen and shaving partnership

Two of my hobbies, and a great manufacturer from each Acqua di Parma reveals passion for tradition through like-minded collaboration As it celebrates its centennial, LVMH perfumery Acqua di Parma is reflecting on an Italian tradition—the art of handwriting. The fragrance house has teamed with fellow Italian heritage brand Aurora on a collection of pens … Continue reading Pen and shaving partnership