How’s this for a Story Opening Line?

Of course pens weren't the only illicit booty, and I won't say that I don't care about the others (including a Ferrari), but for the purposes of this blog we'll focus on the pens. Feds seize $350K, second luxury pen in FCA-UAW scandal Detroit — FBI agents have seized $354,000 and rare $35,700 fountain pens … Continue reading How’s this for a Story Opening Line?

The Classic Montblanc 149

I'm impressed that the Financial Times dedicated an article to a fountain pen. Design classic: Meisterstück 149 fountain pen Distinctively chunky and cigar-like, it is beloved for its gravitas when signing on the dotted line Beloved by heads of state and businesspeople for its gravitas when signing on the dotted line, the Meisterstück 149 (German … Continue reading The Classic Montblanc 149

Montblanc Homage to Hannibal

In the category of "Pens I will never own"... Montblanc's One-Of-A-Kind Pen Is A Dazzling Tribute to Hannibal Barca The latest High Artistry Homage to Hannibal Barca is a dazzling example of Montblanc's commitment to pens. ...Montblanc’s ingenious rollout of the limited edition Lorenzo de Medici Patron of Art collection in the early 1990s drew attention … Continue reading Montblanc Homage to Hannibal

Montblanc’s Latest Muse

These pens must sell ok since they keep releasing them, but I imagine they appeal to only a segment of the potential pen market and I suspect they'll exist in smaller numbers someday down the line. Marilyn Monroe Is Montblanc's Latest Muse Perhaps one of the best-known names of the 20th century, Marilyn Monroe has … Continue reading Montblanc’s Latest Muse

Montblancs and Money Laundering

Those two pens are worth more than most decent collections! GM suspends exec charged in FCA-UAW scandal General Motors Co. has suspended a top labor executive charged in a $4.5 million-plus corruption scandal tied to his tenure at rival Fiat Chrysler Automobiles NV, sources told The Detroit News on Tuesday. Alphons Iacobelli was suspended within … Continue reading Montblancs and Money Laundering

So What’s the “New” Part?

I've read this a couple of times and not sure what's really "new". Montblanc unveils a new boutique concept in Scottsdale The recently re-designed Montblanc boutique reopened on June 8, with 617-square-feet in the Scottsdale Fashion Square, featuring the Maison’s writing instruments, timepieces, leather goods, men’s accessories and jewelry. According to a press release, the … Continue reading So What’s the “New” Part?

Montblanc Writers Edition 2017

I'll admit to having a number of the Writers Edition series from Montblanc. Discover The Much-Awaited Montblanc Writers Edition Pens 2017 ...This year, Montblanc celebrates the French writer and pioneering aviator Antoine Marie Jean-Baptiste Roger, Vicomte de Saint-Exupéry (1900-1944), known for such literary works as Night Flight, Terre des Hommes and Flight to Arras. Among … Continue reading Montblanc Writers Edition 2017