Pilot and Lamy are Amazon’s “Best” Fountain Pens

The article includes several categories of writing instruments.  (We're only interested in the fountain pens though, right?)  They base "best" on the highest reviews, and I'm not surprised at the two top picks, both of which are stellar pens at very affordable prices. The 19 Best Pens On Amazon, According To Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers ... Best … Continue reading Pilot and Lamy are Amazon’s “Best” Fountain Pens

The Child in Me (and You?)

This article is subtitled, "Japanese children have fallen in love with writing with cheap fountain pens" but points out what many of us love about them as well... Fountain pens are distinctive in that they do not require strong pressure to write. They give a unique and tasteful touch to individual writing styles through such … Continue reading The Child in Me (and You?)