Pilot and Lamy are Amazon’s “Best” Fountain Pens

The article includes several categories of writing instruments.  (We’re only interested in the fountain pens though, right?)  They base “best” on the highest reviews, and I’m not surprised at the two top picks, both of which are stellar pens at very affordable prices.

The 19 Best Pens On Amazon, According To Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers

Best Fountain Pens


Pilot Metropolitan Collection Fountain Pen

“Pilot has seriously cornered the market when it comes to the best fountain pen under $20. Most fountain pens this cheap feel cheap; however this is not the case when it comes to the Metropolitan. Through some Japanese magic they have managed to create a solid feeling pen that writes as well as pens that cost three times as much. It is extremely smooth and feels very sturdy. I can’t recommend this pen enough for someone who is thinking about getting a fountain pen but doesn’t want to invest $100 on something they don’t know if they even like yet.”

Shop Now: $14 at Amazon


Lamy Safari Fountain Pen

“Honest to goodness, I didn’t want to like Lamy. When I started off with fountain pens I imagined I would take my usual obsessive collector path and end up eating Cup O’ Noodles so I could gaze lovingly upon a growing pile of outrageously expensive writing instruments. After wrangling with many brands I appreciate the Lamy for being a no-fuss, no-bother, comfortable pen. It has my preferred nib type and, so far, I have never had to tune or make any adjustments to get one to work. I mean, what do you do when your needs are met so completely? You surrender.”

Shop Now: $32 at Amazon


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