Pilot and Lamy are Amazon’s “Best” Fountain Pens

The article includes several categories of writing instruments.  (We're only interested in the fountain pens though, right?)  They base "best" on the highest reviews, and I'm not surprised at the two top picks, both of which are stellar pens at very affordable prices. The 19 Best Pens On Amazon, According To Hyperenthusiastic Reviewers ... Best … Continue reading Pilot and Lamy are Amazon’s “Best” Fountain Pens

Another “Best Pens” list

My personal favorites of those they list are the Conway Stewart 100 for a higher price pen, the Pilot Capless in the midrange, and the Kaweco Sport at the lower price range.  Each of those come in a variety of colors and materials that don't impact performance. (I'm not familiar with Monaggio.) The article includes … Continue reading Another “Best Pens” list

Pilot Namiki Pen Company Profile

Good company profile.  Wish I had these for more companies. Vendor Profile: Pilot The desire to overcome technical challenges and create new writing sensations through best-in-class technology has been a trademark of Pilot since its creation in Japan in 1918, as this potted history shows. In January 2018, it will be exactly 100 years since … Continue reading Pilot Namiki Pen Company Profile

Pilot Vanishing Point on Stage

Who of us does not own at least one Vanishing Point?  (Well, People who don't like the clip I guess.) Pilot Pen Tributes Modern Classic Writing Instruments During 2017 Emmys LOS ANGELES, Sept. 15, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- Pilot Corporation of America (Pilot Pen) is celebrating the "modern classic" art of television, and the powerful role the … Continue reading Pilot Vanishing Point on Stage

The Child in Me (and You?)

This article is subtitled, "Japanese children have fallen in love with writing with cheap fountain pens" but points out what many of us love about them as well... Fountain pens are distinctive in that they do not require strong pressure to write. They give a unique and tasteful touch to individual writing styles through such … Continue reading The Child in Me (and You?)

Pilot Pens at the Pre-Golden Globes Celebrity Gifting Lounge

Pilot will be showcasing two Maki-e pens; the Namiki Emperor Owl and the Namiki Yukari Royale Dragonfly, and four additional pens including the Vanishing Point and the G2 at the GBK celebrity gift lounge See the full press release: Pilot Pen Celebrates 'The Gold Standard' In Writing Instruments During 2016 Golden Globes http://www.prnewswire.com/news-releases/pilot-pen-celebrates-the-gold-standard-in-writing-instruments-during-2016-golden-globes-300201586.html

Pilot Metropolitan: Reliable, popular and extremely affordable

Whenever I see a thread online these days asking about the best entry-level pens, the Pilot Metropolitan invariably is one of the top three mentions (along with the Lamy Safari and the Twsbi brand.)  I don't own this model myself, but based on other Pilot models I have used, it's a safe bet that in … Continue reading Pilot Metropolitan: Reliable, popular and extremely affordable