Cryptocurrency Comes to Pens

It was only a matter of time.  Just don't count on this (or any) pen as an investment. Italian Luxury Pen Maker Ancora Announces Ethereum Pens Ancora, the Italian manufacturer of high-end writing instruments and accessories has launched its Cryptocurrency Pen series. Taking inspiration from the top performing blockchain platforms of today and embodying them … Continue reading Cryptocurrency Comes to Pens

Ancora, and Pens as an Investment?

When I first read this headline I figured it was a tongue-in-cheek comparison of investing in bitcoin and pens, but reading on it seems like more of a misguided pitch to buy Ancora limited editions. That said, I certainly have pens that have increased in value since buying new, but they're so far outweighed Ancora: … Continue reading Ancora, and Pens as an Investment?

This May Be the First Bitcoin Pen

The first in a series of "cryptocurrency" pens.  I enjoyed Ancora pens back in the 1990s and this new company using the name will be interesting to watch. Milan-Based Ancora Pen Company Releases Production and Pre-Sale Details of World's Most Luxurious 'Bitcoin' Pen One of the oldest pen producers in the world, "Ancora Pen Company", … Continue reading This May Be the First Bitcoin Pen