Ancora, and Pens as an Investment?

When I first read this headline I figured it was a tongue-in-cheek comparison of investing in bitcoin and pens, but reading on it seems like more of a misguided pitch to buy Ancora limited editions.

That said, I certainly have pens that have increased in value since buying new, but they’re so far outweighed

Ancora: Should You Invest in a Limited Edition Bitcoin Fountain Pen?

Ancora: Should You Invest in a Limited Edition Bitcoin Fountain Pen?

Alongside your investments in stocks, gold and Bitcoin, have you considered adding a writing instrument to your investment portfolio? While Italian pen-maker Ancora and digital moneymaker Bitcoin may seem to have little in common, the value of both assets is based on the economic concept of scarcity. Both the pen-maker and the digital moneymaker produce a limited stock (only 21 mln Bitcoins will be minted). The scarcer an asset, the higher its demand, and as demand increases so should its value.

Its latest special edition pen is the Bitcoinpen. If you are considering investing in one of Ancora’s 88 Bitcoin fountain pens or 888 Bitcoin rollerball pens, here are five reasons why fountain pens are an attractive investment.

Typically produced with gold and other precious materials, like gold, fountain pens can act as a safe haven investment. In addition to the quality of materials, investors value these fine writing instruments based on their rarity (limited editions), reputation and design themes.


Rarity is highly valued. The most expensive pens are typically part of special limited editions. One of 20 Ancora The Pulse of Time Square Limited Edition fountain pens is currently selling on eBay for $8,800, a seven-fold increase since the pens were introduced in 2015 and sold for $1,200 a piece. The pen contains mother of pearl, gold and silver.

Precious and novel materials

Unlike many speculative assets, the value of pens may be backed by their materials. Currently among the world’s most expensive pens is a limited edition Boehme Papillon pen by Montblanc with 1,400 diamonds and gold selling for $230,410. A true rarity, a gem-encrusted pen made by Florentine pen-maker Tibalidi recently sold for $8 mln in Shanghai. Rare materials are an increasingly popular feature, with current offerings including rhodium, ruthenium, titanium and Ancora’s Minerals series (e.g., azurite and diopside). Newer designer Romain Jerome is selling a $5,000 pen (88 pieces) made from materials from the doomed Titanic ship.

Status and sentimental value

Sustainable value

Custom pen themes and artist editions

Writing your great novel with the Ancora custom designed Jules Verne pen, your screenplay with the Michelangelo pen or your song lyrics with the Signorelli pen can add inspiration and sentimental value to the writing experience. Fountain pens are commonly designed after famous personalities, including those from the literary, art, entertainment, sports and religious worlds.

As with any investment, researching the market can lead to better investment decisions. Japanese-themed pens of Dunhill-Namiki, for example, have done particularly well. currently has an Emperor Tanabata theme, inspired by a well-loved folktale, selling for between $45,000 and $65,000. Five pens have been produced. Another Dunhill-Namiki pen signed by artist Shogo recently sold for $225,000—one of a number of 1930s era pens signed by Japanese artists selling at high prices.

Above all, cherished brands hold value in the luxury collectibles market. The Ancora Bitcoinpens can be purchased at half their retail price during the current production stage running from Jan. 5 to Jan. 26. The Bitcoin fountain pens normally retail for $2,500 and the rollerball pen $2,250.

2 thoughts on “Ancora, and Pens as an Investment?

  1. Interesting post. I ended up buying this pen for $235 brand new boxed from a seller with 0 feedback rating. I think I got extremely lucky; needless to say this pen is a great writer and I don’t intend to sell it – yet.


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