Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

I'm a little puzzled by this article.  What am I missing?  I know that the Ion was released by Cross a number of years ago. A.T. CROSS Unveils New Sheaffer Pens PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A.T. Cross Company is thrilled to introduce a refreshed, new line featuring hip, innovative and colorful tools of … Continue reading Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

When Sheaffer Left Ft Madison

Changing industry in America.  Having spent my career in another industry that changed drastically after our primary product became outmoded I can relate. Promised land lost by Salena Zito | May 28, 2017, 12:05 AM FORT MADISON, Iowa -- Only ghosts and shadows haunt the empty halls of Sheaffer Pens, the onetime giant pen manufacturer … Continue reading When Sheaffer Left Ft Madison

Sheaffer’s new Ferrari fountain pen

A post in Quill & Pad features this year's Scuderia Ferrari Collection by Sheaffer, the latest in the Ferrari collection begun in 2013. The article also gives a synopsis of the history of the Sheaffer company. Sheaffer Partners With Prancing Horse To Create The Scuderia Ferrari Writing Collection