Sheaffer Targa Collection Donated to Museum

Ok, now I'm bummed.  I collect Sheaffer Targas, have spoken to Bill over the years, and would have been very happy had he donated his Targa collection to me. Rare pen collection on display at Sheaffer Pen Museum ....Last month, respected pen collector Bill Sexauer donated his collection of 160 rare Targa Pens manufactured by … Continue reading Sheaffer Targa Collection Donated to Museum

Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

I'm a little puzzled by this article.  What am I missing?  I know that the Ion was released by Cross a number of years ago. A.T. CROSS Unveils New Sheaffer Pens PROVIDENCE, R.I., July 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ -- A.T. Cross Company is thrilled to introduce a refreshed, new line featuring hip, innovative and colorful tools of … Continue reading Is it a Cross or a Sheaffer?

When Sheaffer Left Ft Madison

Changing industry in America.  Having spent my career in another industry that changed drastically after our primary product became outmoded I can relate. Promised land lost by Salena Zito | May 28, 2017, 12:05 AM FORT MADISON, Iowa -- Only ghosts and shadows haunt the empty halls of Sheaffer Pens, the onetime giant pen manufacturer … Continue reading When Sheaffer Left Ft Madison

Sheaffer’s new Ferrari fountain pen

A post in Quill & Pad features this year's Scuderia Ferrari Collection by Sheaffer, the latest in the Ferrari collection begun in 2013. The article also gives a synopsis of the history of the Sheaffer company. Sheaffer Partners With Prancing Horse To Create The Scuderia Ferrari Writing Collection