S. T. Dupont 145 Anniversary Collection

I like the Dupont pens I own.  Lately I've been carrying a simple (not limited edition) silver cartridge filler with an incredibly smooth nib, and a cap that tells me how well machined it is every time I replace it on the pen. S. T. Dupont Celebrates 145 Years With New Luxury Collections S. T. … Continue reading S. T. Dupont 145 Anniversary Collection

Dupont’s Latest Limited Edition

I think I'll subtitle this, "Dupont offers many ways to spend a small fortune" S.T.Dupont Debuting Conquest of Wild West at IPCPR 2017 S.T.Dupont’s newest collection will be inspired the American wild west. It’s called Conquest of Wild West, a tribute to the fight between the outlaws of the wild west and the men who stopped them. … Continue reading Dupont’s Latest Limited Edition

A Pen for Camera Company Leica

I've seen pens for car brands and watch brands, but this is the first for a camera brand.  As it's manufactured by S.T. Dupont it's sure to be a quality writing instrument.  Here are a couple of articles. Leica releases D-Lux (Typ 109) in two-tone gray finish; launches premium “0.95” collection for devoted fans Starting … Continue reading A Pen for Camera Company Leica