S. T. Dupont 145 Anniversary Collection

I like the Dupont pens I own.  Lately I’ve been carrying a simple (not limited edition) silver cartridge filler with an incredibly smooth nib, and a cap that tells me how well machined it is every time I replace it on the pen.

S. T. Dupont Celebrates 145 Years With New Luxury Collections

S. T. Dupont is celebrating its 145th anniversary this year, introducing the Conquest of the Wild West collection.  Founded by Simon Tissot-Dupont—hence the “S. T.” in the brand name—the company is known for such luxury items as lighters, pens and other accessories. And this year’s Conquest of the Wild West seems particularly fitting, since the Wild West is a symbol of strength, adventure and imagination, which are equally symbolic of the Paris-based brand.

https://blogs-images.forbes.com/nancyolson/files/2017/08/Stylo-Neo-classique-Prestige-FP-141065-copie-2-e1503407466564.jpgThe extensive collection offers three versions: Premium, Prestige and Diamond. The Premium collection includes engraved brass bullet-shaped cuff links with a palladium finish, a Line D Lighter (with a whimsical fake bullet hole through its body) on a chain, and a Smoking Kit that includes the lighter and a bullet-shaped cigar punch. As for pens, the Premium collection fountain pen, rollerball and ballpoint pen each have a black lacquer barrel embellished with meteorite dust and palladium-finished brass appointments.

The Prestige Collection comprises a pen, lighter and watch. The Line 2 Lighter is crafted from heather wood and palladium-finished brass, and it comes in a leather holder that reminds me, not surprisingly, of a gun holster. The palladium-finished brass and wood fountain pen also comes in a leather holder. The watch features an engraved case and its dial and leather strap offer the same rich hues of heather wood as the other pieces in the collection. A Writing Kit and a Collector’s Set, which include various components of the collection, are also available.

The Diamond Collection comprises a lighter and fountain pen, both of which are embellished with diamonds and crafted from engraved brass with a gold finish and buffalo back horn….


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