Columbus Ohio Pen Store Owner Passes

I didn’t know Jack but he sounds like, as our friend Terry says, quite a character.  I picked out what I thought were some of the more interesting and relevant (to me at least) lines in the article.

Pen store’s quirky owner remembered

Jack Price, the longtime owner of Vintage Fountain Pen Sales & Repair, 3481 N. High St., was remembered last week by friends as a bit of a character, but also a man of abiding passions and a depth of knowledge in many subjects….

When it comes to Price, there is one thing on which everyone, from friends to people who wrote Yelp reviews of his business, seems to agree: Conversations with him were always interesting.

“Jack was quite a character,” said Terry Mawhorter, longtime organizer of the Ohio Pen Show, which Price helped found more than two decades ago. “He was much diversified in his interests.”…

Sensing changes in the market, Price eventually turned his focus to online sales and became one of the first people to run a successful eBay business.

Berger said he wasn’t sure Price ever cleaned his pen store, but added in spite of appearances, he was exceptionally organized in keeping inventory and fulfilling eBay orders.

In addition to helping start the Ohio Pen Show, he was one of the charter members of the Ohio Camera Collectors Society….

Vintage Fountain Pen Sales & Repair is closed permanently, according to the outgoing message left on the shop’s answering machine….

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