Used Porsche and a Fountain Pen

In the early 1970s my Dad was looking for a new station wagon since Oldsmobile ruined the design of the Vista Cruisers he had been driving for years.  At the NY Auto Show (held then in the New York Coliseum) my junior high buddy and I saw a guy who made custom Cadillac station wagons.  It was modestly more than other and I brought the brochure home to Dad.  I don’t remember whether I had already found out or not that the price tag was on top of the Cadillac, which the buyer had to provide.

That’s the story this article brought to mind.  Unfortunately there are no details about the “custom-made fountain pen” provided with this refit.

You Can Make the Best Porsche Even Better For Just $525K

…But Nam’s effort seems to do everything possible to make its design stand out, with a focus on all the details. Every last detail. Even the key. “We didn’t want to reuse the original black plastic factory key,” Nam says. Instead, you get an aluminum key, in any color you like. It resides in a black felt-lined, walnut box, along with a custom-made fountain pen.

Of course, the remastered version of greatness has its price. For starters, you’ll need a Porsche 993 for Nam & Co to work on—Hemmings lists a few for around $50,000. Then, you’ll have to fork over at least $525,000 for the conversion, which takes four to five months. It’s a lot of dough, sure, but be wary of hesitation: Guntherwerks will only make 25 of them, and they’re likely to sell out faster than you can get the 400R to highway speed.

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