Why a Fountain Pen?

Technology is a big part of my life, and no doubt yours too.  When asked why you carry and use a fountain pen, how do you answer?

Use A Pen And Liberate Your Mind, Part One

  Writing with a fine pen liberates thoughts, emotions and creativity. (Graf von Faber-Castell Alexander fountain pen)Graf von Faber-Castell

…I asked some of my pen friends and acquaintances to chime in as to why they enjoy using a good pen. There were a lot of similarities in their responses, but also a few surprises.

Some Thoughts…

Chicago writer and editor Martin Green eloquently states: “Because it is a conscious experience, not only do I form the letters with my own fingers, but I am also interacting with an object of beauty. I need to fill it, [during] which I intimately interact with the pen, but also have more control, as I can pick the precise color ink I want. A good fountain pen is the result of master craftsman, [who] took time and effort in creating it. It therefore extends the experience to a different latitude.”

Australian artist and poet Timothy John concurs, saying, “Writing with a beautiful pen somehow connects my head and heart. The flow of ink echoes the flow of my thoughts, the sinuous arabesque ink lines that dance across the blank page are a joy, but there is also the tactile element of holding a beautiful object. Without sounding too esoteric, it gives me a sense of poetic opulence.”

Deb McGann, New England realtor, talks about the relationship between her thoughts and the use of a good pen, a sentiment echoed by many.

She says, “I feel more connected to what I write with a finer pen, as my thoughts flow easily through the pen to the paper. It’s enjoyable for me to control my thoughts through the written word rather than a keyboard. ‘Just feels more personal.”

My husband, Curt, who has been gifted with more than a few excellent pens (from me) over the years and has become an aficionado in his own right, agrees. He explains, “My mind seems to connect with the paper through a fine pen. I will take notes when I read. It seems to open up a clearer understanding with a good pen in my hand.”

Alan Shaw, Shaw Pens owner and designer, says, “When I write by hand, it slows down my thoughts. On the computer, my hand goes much faster than my brain.”

Pen and watch expert Jon Messer puts it this way, “A good, comfortable pen is an extension of one’s hand and thereby an extension of one’s mind: a smooth flow that enables thoughts to flow.”…


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