Can you improve your handwriting?

This guy did.  The article also speaks about teaching of cursive to being out of style.

Opinion: What has happened to my handwriting?

…I decided to re-visit my handwriting skills and go back to fundamentals. I sheepishly picked up a cursive practice book in the kids section of a local bookstore. I lied and told the clerk it was for my granddaughter. Hey, let’s be honest, this is kind of embarrassing. I even looked up and downloaded some cursive practice sheets from the Internet, and went so far as to purchase a fountain pen. Yes, you read that right, a fountain pen … didn’t they go out of fashion in the ’50s? By the way, how do you even use a fountain pen? And they look kind of dangerous. Plus, don’t you get ink on your fingers? And where do you buy the ink?…

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