Cross Star Wars pens

Two articles.  Cross is one of several pen manufacturers with Star Wars themed pens coming to market.  I note that the number 1977 is also the number of the release by Montegrappa, although these are far more affordable, especially the $45 gel pens.

The first article appeared in the Providence, RI Business Journal where Cross is based, although I don’t believe they manufacture there anymore.

A.T. Cross launches Star Wars pens, notebooks

The products timed to this week’s movie release include a trio of $575 fountain pens.

Cross has joined the marketing stampede galloping towards this week’s opening of the new Star Wars movie, “The Force Awakens,” with a series of movie-themed pens and notebooks, including a trio of $575 fountain pens.

“It’s an opportunity for us to tap into the passion people have for Star Wars, said Magnus Jonsson, chief marketing officer for Cross. He pointed out that Star Wars appeals to collectors, and that fine writing instruments are highly collectible items. Finally, he said, Star Wars has global appeal, so there’s potential for Cross to sell its pens all over the world.Cross has designed its pens around three of the original Star Wars characters — Darth Vader (black), C-3PO (gold) and an Imperial stormtrooper (white). There are also Star Wars versions of Cross’ Jotzone journals.

The high-end pens are part of Cross’ Townsend series and cost $450 for the rollerball version and $575 for the fountain pens. The C-3PO pen is finished in 23-karat gold plate, the stormtrooper pen in polished white lacquer, and the Darth Vader pen in a satin black finish.

Cross made only 1,977 of each Townsend pen. (As Star Wars fans know, the first movie came out in 1977). Jonsson said he expects the Townsend Star Wars pens will sell out.

The less-expensive Click Star Wars pens use the same characters and color schemes. They retail for $45 individually and can be purchased on their own or in a set with a Star Wars Jotzone journal for $75.

Geek Stylin’: ‘Star Wars’ Cross Pens

“…With their Star Wars Click Collection, black gel ink pens are combined with Darth Vader, C-3P0 or a stormtrooper to produce special edition ink gel pens. They retail for $45, priced low-enough to make my budget happy, while supplying a quality pen with heft that feels perfect when I write. There are also matching journals that include a pen holder, embossed design and a leatherette cover. That gift set is $75.”

(Here’s an earlier article from September 3, but I have no idea why it appeared in “Food World News”

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