“Bold”? yes, Daily Users? Maybe Not.

Priced from $5,700 to over $48,000, these fountain pens are not for most.  For more information on each, read the article via the link on the bottom of the page.

Best of the Best: 3 Pens That Made Their Mark

These writing instruments are the boldest and most meticulously crafted we saw all year.

Just like wristwatches or cufflinks, fine pens have long outgrown their utilitarian roots, becoming subtle—or not so subtle, as the case may be—status symbols that reflect a part of their owners’ personalities. This year’s batch of Best of the Best pens draws inspiration from history and the arts, paying tribute to an avant-garde architect, a doomed Russian dynasty, and feudal Japan’s samurai warrior class….

Visconti Casa Batlló

Visconti Casa Batlló Pen

David Oscarson Russian Imperial

David Oscarson pens

Montegrappa Samurai

Samurai Pen


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