Hamilton is Big These Days

I guess it was inevitable.  Montegrappa pens are one of my favored brands although I prefer their pens that are notable for the material versus the gaudier pens.

Montegrappa’s Special Edition Honors U.S. Founding Father Alexander Hamilton

With public interest piqued by the musical Hamilton, Penporium and Montegrappa create a fitting tribute for the famed statesman.

Montegrappa Alexander Hamilton pen

When Roger Stein—a successful harness racing and thoroughbred trainer who opened the online pen retailer Penporium in 2007—had the chance to collaborate with Italian pen maker Montegrappa on a new limited-edition writing-instrument collection, he certainly wasn’t going to throw away his shot. Riding a wave of resurging popularity initiated by Lin Manuel Miranda’s smash-hit musical Hamilton, our founding father du jour has been commemorated by Stein with the Montegrappa Alexander Hamilton writing-instrument collection, available exclusively through the Penporium website….


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