Montegrappa’s Affordable(?) Skull Pens

Looks to me like the copper version is a gussied-up version of their Moscow Mule pen, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing!

Montegrappa Introduces a Spooky New Scribbler Just in Time for Halloween

The Merry Skull collection presents a cheerful take on a normally menacing Halloween motif.

Montegrappa Merry Skull in silver and copper

…No stranger to the use of skulls in its designs, the Italian pen maker has previously incorporated the motif into its Chaos collection (designed in collaboration with Sylvester Stallone) and its Fortuna Skull range line. However, whereas those two models were decorated with images of menacing skulls, the metal barrel of the Merry Skull is etched with a pattern made up of goofily grinning Jolly Rogers of varying sizes and orientations. The skull-and-crossbones theme extends to the cap as well, where clusters of the carefree craniums are arranged in a mosaic that creates an even larger version of the design….

…The pens of the Merry Skull collection are available in either satin silver or copper and range in price from approximately $325 to $425, depending on the material and type of pen.

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