Family of Collectors in Louisiana

“They’re all special”.  That’s how I find I feel every time I look to thin the herd and pick a few to sell.

Library displays family’s writing instrument collection

Nell Talbot Legendre, her brother Billy Talbot and his wife Gwen Davidson Talbot have spent decades scouring flea markets, antique malls and thrift stores in search of unique items….

…Billy Talbot said he is a self-proclaimed collector of many things, one of those being antique writing instruments.

When they were growing up a pen was valuable and unique to each owner, often inscribed with a name, unlike the disposable pens of today’s market, Legendre said.

She took up calligraphy, prompting the birth of the collection that now sits in the display cases at the Terrebonne Parish Main Library, 151 Library Drive, Houma.

“As they saying goes, if you have more than three, it’s a collection,” Billy Talbot said.

As young children, Nell and Billy were raised by aunts, uncles and grandparents who lived in the 19th century, they said.

They were taught not only to value what was new, but just as importantly what was old….

…From there, the siblings’ passion for preserving and learning was born.

In the early ’70s the siblings truly began collecting the instruments, making trips across the country in search of new and unique items….

…“Knowledge is power,” Billy Talbot said.

The more you know about an item the more you know about its true value.

That comes into play when they decide whether to bid on an item on eBay, where most of their purchasing is done these days.

…“They’re all special,” Legendre said….


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