UK Exclusive from Scribo

I was going to ask, is thought by who to be the only pen shop to have undertaken such a venture, but then I saw the additional qualifiers of the only, “pen shop proprietor” and, “in the country“.  Seems to me that there must be other pen shops with exclusive limited editions, but perhaps those are not with an Italian designer, or were in the city rather than the country?

Shropshire retailer launches Italian partnership pen

A Shropshire businessman has helped to develop an exclusive limited edition fountain pen – in partnership with Italian designers.

John Hall with the new pen
John Hall with the new pen

John Hall, who owns Write Here in Shrewsbury’s High Street, is thought to be the only pen shop proprietor in the country to have undertaken such a venture.

He said: “I have worked with designers and manufacturers at the Italian company Scribo to create a beautiful writing instrument,” said John, who has made several trips to the town of Bologna in northern Italy for project meetings.

“They are colleagues who worked with the famous pen company OMAS until its closure in 2015.

“We are all very proud of our ‘Write Here’ special edition product which was developed over many months with great care by craftsmen and engineers.

“They have taken our shop’s logo and corporate colours to produce a striking fountain pen with a gold engraved nib.”

Limited to 50 pieces and priced at £450, several have been snapped up already….

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