Fountain Pens of the Rich & Famous

I’m guessing that it was the miniature astronaut that pushed it over $19,500.

This $19,900 rocket ship pen will blow your mind

Swiss penmaker Caran d’Ache and avant garde watchmaker MB&F are taking their crafts to new heights — even out of this world, you might say.

Last year, the designers collaborated on the Astrograph, a rocket-shaped pen inspired by the moon landing.

Source: CNBC

However, despite the playful nature of the item, the pen is decidedly luxe. Only 99 were ever produced and it retails for $19,900. Lucky for us, CNBC’s “Secret Lives of the Super Rich,” got a close of up look at one available at Westime in Beverly Hills, a high-end watch and jewelry shop, as featured on a recent episode to the show….

…The pen also comes with a magnetic miniature astronaut, who can be attached to the body of the rocket.

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