Love the Press that FPH is Getting Lately

Another article about the only pen shop remaining in New York City.  May they remain healthy and well!

Art of penmanship alive at Fountain Pen Hospital

– In an era of texts, tweets, and emails, the art of writing may be falling by the wayside. But the ink had been flowing at Fountain Pen Hospital since 1946. As pen shops have come and gone, the store on Warren Street is still selling writing instruments and repairing them for collectors around the world.

Founded by the father and grandfather of Terry and Steve Wiederlight, Fountain Pen Hospital is still a family business. It is the last store like it in New York.

It has a pen for every taste and budget.

So what makes a fountain pen so special? It helps your penmanship.

You can visit Fountain Pen Hospital at 10 Warren Street in Manhattan.

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