Fountain Pen Hospital Continues to get Press

I like how this article bothers to mention Marilyn Brown, the crusty former owner of Arthur Brown in midtown.

A New York Shop Is Serving As a Heal-All for Fountain Pen Connoisseurs

PenWhile computers and smartphones have emerged as the champion conveyors of information, many individuals will never neglect the comfort and companionship of a trusty pen. No matter the allotment of love that goes toward maintaining a prized pal, even the finest item will eventually need doctoring. Through the Fountain Pen Hospital, those with an insatiable interest in ink can remedy any cherished possession’s ills and rebel against declining regard for writing’s allure….

…Employee Marilyn Brown, whose tenure in the field includes having owned the now-shuttered Arthur Brown & Brother, a longtime market competitor to Fountain Pen Hospital, explained the excitement that fountain pens inspire… by saying that “everyone looks to see what he’s doing” when a user “unscrews the top of a fountain pen.”

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