FPH, Mecca for Pen Collectors

I’ve enjoyed dealing with Fountain Pen Hospital for years, mainly at pen shows and over the phone, but of course I browse their website too, and have been to their store twice.

Where Fountain Pens Are Saved and Sold

Jimmy Hutchinson, right, an employee of the Fountain Pen Hospital, and a customer examine a fountain pen. The store is on Warren Street in Lower Manhattan. Credit Caitlin Ochs for The New York Times

…In its quiet interior, away from the bustle of Broadway, you can browse and try any of the thousands of fountain, rollerball or high-end ballpoint pens behind its glass cases. That includes a classic fountain pen like the $935 Montblanc MeisterstĂĽck, with an elegant gold nib and a piston ink filler inside its black barrel. Or collector bait like the special-edition Krone, which, at $3,920, features a portrait of Benjamin Franklin and, in its cap, a piece of one of his lightning rods….


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