Another Montblanc I won’t be getting

Not that it’s not beautiful, but I can think of other things to do with $1.36 million.

Tempted By A Snake: Montblanc’s One-Of-A-Kind Fountain Pen

The rose gold pen features diamonds and sapphires. (Photo by: Montblanc)

…The one-of-a-kind Rouge & Noir Ultimate Serpent Limited Edition 1 weighs in at 130g, with 99g of rose gold—the highest amount of gold ever used in the manufacturing of a Montblanc fountain pen. The cap and barrel are set with about 15.34 carats of dark blue sapphires forming the truly spectacular backdrop for the coiling hand-engraved serpent, which sparkles with 153 individually cut diamonds. When the cap is removed, a second serpent is visible on the rose gold nib, with two rubies set as eyes. The cap crown glows with a 6.15-carat Montblanc Diamond, a proprietary design. The cost? About $1.36 million….

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