10 fountain pens for $2.8 million

Yes, these are expensive, modern pens.  You can really jack up the value of anything by adding a lot of jewels.  There are two things about which I wonder:  First, what are the most expensive vintage pens (although we know their value is going to fluctuate, and will vary based on condition for multiple examples of the same pen.)  Second, how many super-wealthy folks went and spent the nearly $3 million to acquire the pens on this list, just so they could say they did?

10 most expensive pens in the world

1. Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen: Aurora Diamante Fountain Pen is the most expensive writing instrument in the world. This 30K worth diamond embedded pen is a limited edition as only one is available per year. The estimated cost of this pen is USD 1.47 million.

2. Mystery Masterpiece Mont Blanc & Van Cleef and Arpels Limited Edition: Mont Blanc and Van Cleef collaborated only to make this luxurious fountain pen. This limited edition pen has 840 diamonds and more than 20K of gemstones set in a Van Cleef and Arpel patented ‘Mystery Setting’ that conceals the stone settings. The pen costs USD 730,000.

3. La Modernista Diamonds Caran d’che: This pen was made by the Swiss company called Caran dAche in 1999 and made it to the Guiness World Record as the world’s most expensive pen in 2001. Made by the famous jeweller Robert Perron, the nib of this pen alone is made of 18K gold and the body is studded with diamonds. This pen was sold at a high price tag of USD 265, 000

4. Omas Phoenix Platinum Fountain Pen Luxury Limited Edition with Diamonds: Made with platinum, this pen is a perfect blend of luxury and perfect writing. The pen is made up of 950 platinum and yellow enamel and 18K gold rhodiated. The pen is priced at an overwhelming price tag of USD 60,000

5. Visconti Ripple H.R.H Fountain pen: This pen is equipped with 18K gold and diamonds on it and is sold in two colours, black and gold. The pen’s especiality lies in its double reservoir filling system which makes it convenient for the people. This pen costs USD 57,000

6. Visconti Alchemy H.R.H Fountain Pens: This handcrafted pen is part of the HRH collection of handmade fountain pens and roller ball pens. Unlike other fountain pens, this pen has two nibs, two ink reservoirs and is trimmed with two different metals exquisite gold and silver vermeil. The pen is equipped with precious metals like gold and silver and comes at a cost of USD 57,000.

7. Visconti the Forbidden City H.R.H Fountain Pen: Visconti’s HRH collection is known for its quality, style and luxury. The Forbidden City H.R.H. Fountain pen is a limited edition pen with 18K gold and diamonds studded on it. The inner ink filler system makes it easier for use. This product of Visconti costs USD 50,000.

8. Marte Omas Fountain Pen: A rarely found pen, Marte Omas is custom made product for the specific person. This pen is mainly made of gold and rubies and features different natural beauties like mountains, deserts etc. Only 30 pens of this model were made by the company. The price of this product is USD 43,000

9. Gaia High Luxury Omas Fountain Pens: This pen by Omas is a wonder on its own. The internal part of this pen is made of 18K gold and is inspired by the curiosity of the man in the world. It is made with dark grey colour to represent its association with the interiors of the earth. It has paintings of plants, spiders etc. The pen is priced at USD 43,000.

10. Crew 60th White Gold Tebaldi fountain pens: Made by the famous automobile company Bentley in collaboration with the famous Italian fold maker company, this pen is made with 18K gold. The finishing of this pen is inspired by cars. The space of the enclosure is transparent to see the ink inside it. Only 80 such pens were made making it a limited edition pen. This pen costs almost USD 43,000.


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