Modernized Montblanc

In my collection I have several less expensive Montblanc pens that fell well under the price-point of the Meisterstruck series.  Those include the Turbo, the Carrera, the Generation, and more recently, although not that low priced, the Starwalker.  (Can you think of others?)

The new Montblanc M, announced last June, appears to fall more in line with the Starwalker, but it is lower cost than Montblanc’s other offerings.  And it does include a magnet, although it is not, as they claim, a first for fountain pens.  I see that it does have not one, but two Montblanc ‘snowflakes’, which perhaps adds to the price.

Marc Newson on Modernizing the Fountain Pen

“There is something quite magical about a magnet.”

..The Montblanc M has been modernized, at least in its aesthetic. The pen features a magnetic cap—amazingly, a first for fountain pens everywhere—and it relocates the positioning of Montblanc’s signature white star, a first for the brand. OK, admittedly, the changes aren’t all that revolutionary, but when you look back on how the pen has evolved in the past 188 years, it’s a decent-sized stride. And these relatively minor changes required major technological innovation for the company…

(Here’s an earlier article from September 1, written by my friend Nancy Olson.)

The Montblanc M With Marc Newson Heralds a New Generation Of Pens

Apple’s Marc Newson Designs A Space-Age Fountain Pen

It even features the MagSafe of pens: a magnetic cap that automatically aligns with the Montblanc logo.

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