Cross Townsend 18K gold-filled ballpoint

New in box, gold filled Cross Townsend ballpoint.  The Townsend is bigger and heavier than the Classic Century and Century II and is a substantial pen.

I do not see a hallmark on the pen but based on the end treatment of the pen this is the older 18 Karat Gold Filled vs the 10 Karat now made, so you get 75% pure gold vs 41.7%!  Pen is new and unused although the box isn’t quite perfect as you can see.

From Cross (about the 10k)

“Achieve Excellence The quintessential statement of style and confidence

For those who value individuality and impeccable style, Townsend embodies classic American elegance and finesse. Inspired by the graceful lines of 1930’s Art Deco design, with distinctive finishes, precious metals and the signature double band, Townsend delivers a lifetime of smooth, effortless writing. No wonder it’s the pen of choice for several American Presidents.”

Asking $185 plus shipping.

Ask me about this pen:

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