And Now for Something Completely Different

I’ve been intrigued with the pens by Grayson Tighe since his pens of rare metals that mimicked the Pelikan 800s.  (Apparently too closely, and he had to cease making them.)

This one-of-a-kind pen by him is truly striking and remarkable.

Blue Dragon: One-Of-A-Kind Titanium Sculptured Pen By Grayson Tighe

Grayson Tighe Blue Dragon

…Such was the case with Grayson Tighe’s Blue Dragon, a one-of-a-kind fountain pen created for an American collector, who wanted something with a personally meaningful theme along with some say about the overall design….

…The pen’s range of color, one of its most captivating features at first glance, is also owed to this extraordinary metal.

“[Titanium’s] sleek, elegant, and lustrous appearance can take on a wide spectrum of color by applying extreme heat or electricity,” Tighe shared. “This action produces a thin and transparent oxide layer that filters out light waves producing bright colors, even though there are no pigments or dyes involved. The color, in essence, is an optical illusion.”

Grayson Tighe Blue Dragon nib

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