Benefits of Handwriting

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The uncertain future of handwriting

Computers and tablets are changing how we write – will the ability and need to wield a pen die out altogether?

We’re told that writing is dying. Typing on keyboards and screens dominates written communication today. Even scribbling a signature has become rarer due to the prevalence of chip-and-pin credit cards.

In an age where our children swipe, pinch and tap on smartphones and tablets from birth, is the “hand” in “handwriting” about to removed forever? And are there any benefits to good old-fashioned pen and paper: artistic posterity, cognitive benefits, or something else?

Pen decline

Learning cursive, joined-up handwriting was once compulsory in schools. But now, not so much.

Countries such as Finland have dropped handwriting lessons in schools in favour of typing courses. And in the US, the requirement to learn cursive has been left out of core standards since 2013. A few US states still place value on formative cursive education, such as Arizona, but they’re not the majority….

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