Singapore Collector Couple

I always find it interest to hear about other collectors.  It’s unusual, but not unheard of, to come across pen collecting couples.  I do know several.

For these collectors of all things analogue, heritage still holds weight.


WHO Tay Kim Ann and Lim Yok Ley

THE COLLECTION Fountain pens

Fountain pens, Tay Kim Ann and Lim Yok Ley's collection
  • INK TRIBUTE The couple’s fountain pen collection includes limited edition creations inspired by historical personalities such as Chinese philosopher Confucius.


The couple began collecting fountain pens in the 1990s as they enjoyed writing with them. Today, their collection comprises 16 high-end fountain pens, including limited editions valued at around $40,000 each. Professed aficionados of Montblanc fountain pens, they relish the brand’s diversity of designs and its storied tradition of pen-making.


“I like to write with fountain pens if I’m not in a rush,” says Tay, recalling his first pen, the Montblanc Writers Edition Voltaire, a classic fountain pen crafted in black resin. Unlike conventional pens, fountain pens allow customisation of the writing nibs to one’s liking.

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Tay admits he’s partial to fountain pens marked by fine craftsmanship and elaborate details. The Montblanc Genghis Khan 88 Skeleton Fountain, a recent acquisition, features a body resembling the armour of a Mongol warrior and a pen clip curved like an ancient bow. He’s also fond of a fountain pen inspired by Leonardo Da Vinci, which sports a skeletonised design that allows him to fully admire the pen’s interior. Lim leans towards pens inspired by historical figures, citing personalities such as Chinese philosopher Confucius and inventor James Watt as some of her favourites.


A fountain pen inspired by Lee Kuan Yew, Singapore’s late founding prime minister.

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