Another Lover of Fountain Pens (and office supplies)

This article sounded like me from the very first line.  As soon as I read it I was transported back to Nassau Stationary, the large stationary store in the town where I grew up and where my Dad’s business got their office supplies from Bernie Berger.

A “proper” No. 2 pencil

Decades later I was talking to Bernie, probably at a funeral, and commented to him that to me a proper No. 2 pencil had the blue “Nassau Stationary” logo on it.  Bernie got tears in his eyes, and a week later the mailman delivered me a box of whatever pencils and half-used stubs Bernie still had from his now long-closed store.

Somehow that this article was from a newspaper in Wyoming made it interesting too.

Burton: Appreciating loopy characters

I have always loved office supplies a little too much…

There is no reason for me to own or even be aware of fountain pens.

But I love them. I can’t help it…

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