Artistic Concept from Cd’A and MB&F

Pens created in partnership with watch designers are generally not for the faint of wallet, and this one is no exception I’m sure.


Astrograph by MB&F and Caran d’Ache. Photo Credit: MB&F

The award-winning timepiece producer MB&F (Maximillian Büsser and Friends) is an artistic concept laboratory known for its development of sculptural horological masterpieces, often partnering with other brands to actualize its unique—and frequently futuristic—inventions. Caran d’Ache, since its founding in 1915, has been recognized for its high quality writing instruments noted for their exquisite design and execution. And now, these two Swiss brands have joined forces to create an engaging amalgamation of their respective fortes. The resultant Astrograph, by Caran d’Ache and MB&F, is a limited edition pen that is part writing instrument and part poetry.

MB&F and Caran D’Ache Partner In A Dream Pen

Every “spacecraft” comes with its very own Rocket Man.

MB&F and Caran D’Ache Debut a Playful Pen Inspired by Space Travel

This beautiful rocket-shaped fountain pen is just $20,000

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