One Man’s Descent into Collecting

Unlike the author of this article I did not initially delve into fountain pens to improve my handwriting, nor did I learn to use a fountain pen in school.  I do, however, have my grandfather’s Parker, a 51 with his name engraved.

And yes, I do have all of the models shown below, although I’m not sure my Conway Stewart 58 is the same color as his.

The Quest For My Ultimate Fountain Pen Part 1: The All-Over-The-Place Period

My personal quest for the ultimate fountain pen began unexpectedly.

I was taught to write with a fountain pen in elementary school, which is quite normal in Europe. But I switched this out for a ballpoint pen later on as the speed of my classes’ lectures increased.

Blessed with horrid handwriting, I never thought myself worthy of a nice fountain pen. Cheap ballpoints pretty much ruled my adolescent years and I was fine with them.

But then my grandparents moved into a nursing home. This was a sad occasion, and it also meant that their house had to be dismantled since not everything could move with them. And this is how I ended up with the black-barreled fountain pen with silver cap from my grandfather…

Colorful fountain pen collection

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