Fountain Pen Cleaning Solution a Waste?

Well, I think so, but J. Herbin is now the second company selling it of which I’m aware.  My greater issue is that this article mentions flushing with hot water.  I would caution to not use anything more extreme than lukewarm.

J. Herbin fountain pen cleaning solution

51duM8tQ1ZL._SL1000_I far too frequently let ink dry inside one of my treasured pens. When simply flushing with hot water won’t clear them, I use this cleaning solution.

Simply draw some solution into the pen as you normally would ink. Shake it around and then let sit for 5-10 minutes. Flush the pen out several times with warm water, and you are back to an evenly flowing pen.

A good practice is to run warm water through the pen between fill ups. I often forget.

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