Yafa Pen & 2004 Mini Cooper Collectible Set

Yafa Special Edition Ballpoint Pen & Die cast Model Yafa 2-Function Pen & 2004 Mini Cooper Collectible * Yellow / White Special Edition Collectible Set.

The Mini Cooper is one of the best-loved specialty cars of all time. Proud owners and enthusiasts alike will treasure this commemorative collectible set which includes a mini Yafa ballpoint pen. The original Mini is considered an icon of the 60’s. This undersized British beauty was just four feet tall, four feet wide and a mere 10 feet long British race car builder, John Cooper made the roadworthy Mini a racing legend. Recently revived and still loved by millions, BMW’s new Mini Cooper is one of today’s best sports cars.

Yafa includes the solid brass, hand-lacquered Mini Duo pen. It will fit just about anywhere and equipped with a top quality refill for performance and a PDA stylus on pen top for flexibility * Black 2-Function Pen/Stylus / chrome trim + chrome clip *

The Mini Cooper replica is Yellow with white top, rubber tires, doors open to show detail . 1/28 Scale (Diecast model) In Display Box with Mini Cooper on Racetrack (color background photo)

Asking $30 plus shipping.

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