rOtring Primus youth fountain pens & pencils

The rOtring Primus was designed as a student pen and pencil.   The barrel is made of wood stained bright yellow to match the cap end.  The grips are ergonomic, with that on the pen designed to hold the nib correctly to the paper.  You can see that the packaging is in German as these were not imported to the US.  I don’t believe these are manufactured any longer.

Pen or pencil $30 each, or a set of both for $55 (plus shipping)

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2 thoughts on “rOtring Primus youth fountain pens & pencils

  1. Hey- 👋 – I recently obtained 2 Rotring Primus’ ballpoint & pencil combos (in the same body) they are the green & yellow variety like the fountain pen. I figured out how to operate the pencil lead, but can’t for the life of me figure how to use the ballpoint? Can anyone elucidate? Please


    1. Hi Liz, I have the pencil and fountain pen, but don’t have a ballpoint (and didn’t even realize they made one!) There are instructions on the boxes of mine, albeit in German, and as you’ve apparently figured out, to extend the lead in the pencil you just press the green disk at the top. I can only guess at the ballpoint operation without having it in hand. It doesn’t twist or press?
      I’d love to have the ballpoint to match my own FP/Pencil set. Where did you get it!?


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