Pelikan Long/Giant Ink Cartridges – 50 boxes in Display

Offered is a factory sealed-in-the-wrapper countertop display with 50 boxes of Pelikan ink cartridges in assorted colors. Each box contains 5 long/giant ink cartridges (GTP/5) that fit all Pelikan fountain pens and any other fountain pen accepting the international format ink cartridges.

This display would look great displayed in your collection or on your store counter.


Each box is similar to the one to the right. I cannot tell exactly what colors are included but the will include many or all of the following: Brilliant Black, Brilliant Green, Brilliant Red, Brilliant Brown, Pink, Royal Blue, Turquoise, and Violet.

This package is factory sealed and pristine, but as it is not brand new it is possible there has been some evaporation.  (Please understand that I will not open the package to check colors or condition and there are no returns on this item.)

Pelikan long ink cartridges sell for $5 or more per package, so 50 packages have a retail value of $250 or more.  Asking $125.

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