SOLD: Marlen Dossenus fountain pen (business size)

I enjoyed using this pen for a while but it shows no signs of wear.  The original box and papers are included.

The Dossenus is one of the Atellan Tales series made by Marlen about 1997.  The pen body and feed are ebonite. The nib is 18K gold in F. The cap ring and clip are made of 925 silver and are wonderfully detailed.  The pen fills by twisting the end of the barrel.

I found a rollerball of the “Buccus” model of this series for sale for $625, which is just crazy.  More recently I’ve seen a Buccus fountain pen on eBay starting at $420, and rollerballs starting at $180.

SOLD: Asking $325 plus shipping

Ask me about this pen:

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