Cross Solo(?) ballpoint in black

Cross Solo as they came in solid colors and translucents, with gold trim, silver and matte black.  It’s a nice solid feeling pen and brand new in the box.

Asking $35 plus shipping

Ask about this pen:

2 thoughts on “Cross Solo(?) ballpoint in black

  1. I need this pen in Mumbai, India.
    Is it possible to send this to my below address
    601 Serene, Pushtikar society,
    Jogeshwari west, Mumbai 400102.
    Cell phone: +91-9987872000


    1. Please contact me via the contact form on the page for the pen and be sure to include your email address. It is possible to send the pen to Mumbai and I will ascertain the costs to do so once I have heard from you via the form. Thank you.


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