Cross :Convergence mobile scanning pen

Great item for your technology geek.  Package includes all original packaging, paperwork, software & hardware including the combination scanner/pen.  There is a little crazing to the plastic on the pen.  I did actually enjoy using this for a while back in the early 2000s.

The original press release is below, and you can find more about what was a technological marvel at the time on Google.

Originally $89.99.  Asking $45 plus shipping.

Ask about this item:

The original Cross press release:

Cross Launches Next Generation Mobile Scanner The Cross :Convergence Pen for Easy Print to Internet Connection

LINCOLN, R.I., Dec. 21, 2000 /PRNewswire/ -- The Cross Pen Computing Group, a
 division of A.T. Cross, (Amex:   ATX) today announced the launch of its next
 generation mobile pen-based scanning technology, the Cross :Convergence Pen,
 which is available in limited quantities at
     This innovative, translucent pen features a built-in scanner that will
 enable users to connect to web sites or web pages, eliminating the need to
 memorize lengthy URLs or search the web to find specific information. The
 Cross :Convergence wireless scanner pen stores up to 300 codes which can be
 uploaded onto a PC for easy, direct navigation.
     The Cross :Convergence Pen will read and store virtually all bar code
 formats found on thousands of products and packages as well as
 Digital:Convergence Cues which are being included in numerous advertising and
 editorial portions of print and electronic media. Cross has signed an
 agreement with Digital:Convergence Inc. as the exclusive scanner pen for the
 Digital:Convergence platform in the United States. The Cross :Convergence pen
 offers a mobile alternative to the tethered :CueCat which is being widely
 distributed by Digital:Convergence at Radio Shack and by mail to subscribers
 of major newspapers and magazines.
     "Print to Internet linkage needs to be mobile and wireless to be truly
 successful since people will more likely scan magazines, products, catalog
 information, or parts and inventory when they are away from a PC," explains
 Dave Whalen, president and CEO of A.T. Cross. "The pen is an ideal form for a
 scanner as it won't add to the number of gadgets that people normally carry.
 Clearly, Cross is now at the forefront of an emerging Internet technology with
 enormous potential for businesses, advertisers, publishers and consumers
     Swipe and Scan
     The Cross :Convergence Pen is effortless. Simply press the scan-activating
 button on the pen and drag across any barcode or cue. The red light indicates
 that the Cross :Convergence is scanning information into the pen's memory.
 To access the stored codes, once the Digital:Convergence software is loaded,
 simply touch the :Convergence Pen on the 'OptoLink' pad connected to the PC
 serial port and URLs for all stored codes appear on screen. Then, click on the
 desired URL, and the desired page appears. A USB version of the OptoLink will
 available in the first quarter of 2001.
     The pen, OptoLink and Digital:Convergence software are currently available
 at Cross' website ( for $89.99. The product will be sold
 at retail beginning Q1 2001.
     System Requirements
     System requirements include a PC with Pentium 90 or higher processor;
 Windows 95, 98, 2000 or NT 4.0 Operating System; 8 MB RAM (for Windows 95) or
 12 MB RAM (for Windows NT); Internet Connection; 10 MB of available hard disk
 space; a CD ROM Drive; and one 9 or 25 pin communications (COM) port.
     The Cross Pen Computing Group (PCG) develops, manufactures and markets
 innovative pen-based computing products. PCG is a division of A.T. Cross
 Company, a major international manufacturer of fine writing instruments and
 pen computing products. The company is headquartered in Lincoln, Rhode Island.
 Visit the Cross website at


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