Pens and Politics

Many of those reading this blog will understand that while $130 is not a lot to spend on a luxury pen, there are those in our lives who would hold different views, such as spouses, significant others, and those already looking at a member of the administration under fire.

EPA Head Scott Pruitt Spent $3,230 on Pens and Journals

Environmental Protection Agency Administrator Scott Pruitt has made yet another expensive purchase drawing criticism from the public. The spending this time? Thousands on personalized office supplies.

The order included personalized pens and journals, specifically 12 silver personalized pens with the EPA seal and Pruitt’s signature on them costing $1,560 alone, The Washington Post reported. The other items, including personalized journals, totaled $1,670…

EPA paid $1,560 for 12 fountain pens, emails show

Washington (CNN)A close aide to Scott Pruitt last year ordered a set of 12 fountain pens that cost the Environmental Protection Agency $1,560, according to agency documents.

Each $130 silver pen bore the agency’s seal and Administrator Pruitt’s signature, according to the documents, which were obtained by the Sierra Club through a Freedom of Information Act request…


The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) shelled out $1,560 to pay for customized fountain pens for Administrator Scott Pruitt, according to internal emails.

The 12 silver pens, made by a Washington-based jewelry store, included an EPA seal and Pruitt’s signature, The Washington Post first reported Friday. The order was among a larger $3,230 order that included personalized journals from Tiny Jewel Box, a store that calls itself D.C.’s “premier destination for fine jewelry and watches.”

Each of the pens cost taxpayers $130, according to emails sent between an account manager and Pruitt’s political aide and scheduler Millan Hupp. The emails were released in a Freedom of Information Act request by the Sierra Club this week…

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