Fountain Pen Hospital

Among my top pen pushers.

Fountain Pen Hospital celebrates the handwritten word

– On Warren Street in downtown Manhattan, you’ll find a unique hospital. The patients are pens of every kind. And the staff services and sells them.

Terry Wiederlight is the co-owner of the Fountain Pen Hospital, a store his father and grandfather opened in 1946. It started as a repair shop in the 1940s and then turned into an office supply shop in the 1960s and 1970s.

Today, the store sells all sorts of writing instruments from all over the world. It is now one of the only stores still selling fine writing instruments in New York City, landing a spot in the book 111 Shops in New York That You Must Not Miss.

Terry says that in today’s world you have to be unique and out of the box to survive. That’s how they’ve stayed around for 72 years….

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