Pen Reminiscences

My favorite line in this article; “If a fountain pen would ruin our hand writing, the ball point pen would take us to Hell or the writing equivalent thereof.”

Ann Ferro: A proper pen

Ann Ferro: A proper pen

Searching for a good pen

The Art Supply shop on Erie Boulevard has a selection of straight pens for calligraphers. A straight pen, for those of you who aren’t familiar, is a piece of pen shaped wood with a groove in the end into which you push a pen nib, the metal part of the pen that writes….

…My father had a pen. His colorful hand was the result of his trusty Waterman fountain pen. If you aren’t familiar with a straight pen, you probably don’t know what a fountain pen is either. You can Google it but a quick description is a pen that holds its own ink.In those days bottles of ink were sold everywhere. Even the fountain pen users needed a reservoir from which to get their ink. The fountain pen had a bladder inside and a small pressure device that pushed the air out of the pen as it was plunged into the bottle of ink. When you released the device, the ink would flow into the bladder. Much less mess than using an ink well and a practical lesson about air pressure….

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