Tokyo Shop lets you Mix Your Own Ink

The shop sells pens and pencils, ink and personalized notebooks.  The idea of a store that let you mix your own custom color inks intrigued me most.

Celebrating the Joy of Writing with Kakimori Made-to-Order Notebooks

Tokyo stationery shop Kakimori offers custom-made notebooks and other unique items that inspire people to shun all things digital and re-embrace the simple pleasures of pen and paper.

…In 2014 Hirose expanded his made-to-order approach by opening Inkstand, a specialty shop where customers can create colored ink for fountain pens. After closing temporarily, the store reopened its doors in 2016 and now accepts up to 20 reservations daily.

“We initially sourced our ink from a maker in the United States,” Hirose explains. “The quality was excellent, but there were supply chain issues, so we had to close shop for a while. In the interim we worked with a Japanese art supply firm to develop an original pigment-based line with fourteen basic colors.”

The mixing counter at Inkstand.

Customers can mix up to three base colors to create their own one-of-a-kind ink.

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